Investor Immigration Australia : Are You Interested?

To be able to travel to Australia, as an investor, you need to have the Investor Visa. In order to have so you must:

  • Have a Provisional Investor Visa.
  • Have lived in the country for two years. These two years must be in the preceding four years from which you are intending to have this visa.
  • Meet the character requirements that are specified. If your family members intend to go with you, then they must also follow this rule.
  • Meet the business requirements.

Business Requirements

There are certain businesses requirements that you need to fulfill.

  • You must have an investment of 15 Lakh Australian Dollars for at least four years.
  • You must be committed to continuing your business in the Kangaroo Land.
  • You, or any other stakeholder of the business that you have, should never be involved in any type of unwanted business.

Health Requirements

You must fulfill some health requirements for traveling to Australia. The requirements are:

  • There are certain health requirements that you must fulfill. The results stay in order for 12 months so they must be done only when they are asked for.
  • Even if your family members are not traveling with you, then also they must fulfill these health requirements.

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