What Key Options You Have to Get Australian PR Easily!

Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia is a cherished status and countless people apply for it. Those who manage to get a Permanent Residency in Australia get to enjoy numerous benefits that are comparable to the ones that greet the nation’s citizens. In fact, the position of the Australian permanent residents is not much different from the nation’s citizens.

Now the question arises: how to get Australia PR easily? Well, though the choice of the immigration category could vary from person to person, any of the three mentioned visa options could be used to easily getPermanent Residency in Australia.

Employer Sponsored Workers

As per some observers, to get the Australian PR easily, this is perhaps the best option. In case you can locate a recruiter in Oz who is ready to provide you a job, it may be the fastest manner to land in the hotspot.

It may easily result in Permanent Residency in Australia. Offer your services to the same recruiter for a period of two years, maintain a rather good record, follow the laws of the land, and then submit an application for residency.

Please note: it works only for the sanctioned skills, and if the recruiter may convince the administration that no local person is accessible for the job. Presently, there are many requirements any would-be employer has to fulfill prior to they’re even permitted to offer sponsorship to an overseas worker.

Working Holiday Visa (WHV)

It’s obviously not permanent. Still, for those from 18 to 30, it’s a great path for visiting the hotspot, to figure in case they like it. The visitors are permitted to do a job for the whole time-frame in case they want, even though they may do a job for not more than six months with any one recruiter.

Still, in case one has a skill which is required in the country, then moving for one year and demonstrating his skills to many recruiters may result in an Employer Sponsored employment offer that may materialize in Permanent Residency in Australia eventually.

Please Note: the WHV and the comparable Work and Holiday visas are only obtainable to the passport holders from certain qualifying nations.

Partner Visa

Yet another method of getting the Australian PR easily, under the Partner Visa Category, the partners of the Australian citizens or permanent residents can submit an application for a Partner Visa. Though the said visa is normally given as a Temporary Visa in the wake of 2 years, it eventually results in Permanent Residency. Under some specific situations, the visa holder can directly apply for a Permanent Visa.

So, these are the three easiest possible paths to get the prized Australian PR easily. Check with your visa agent to figure more on the subject!

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