What are Australia’s Immigration Policy and Eligibility Criteria?

Many people, especially those keen to move to Australia, have this question on their lips–What are Australia’s Immigration Policy and Eligibility Criteria? Are you one such person who wants to understand the Immigration Policy and Eligibility Criteria for Australia? If yes, this blog is for you!

Australia’s Immigration Policy

At first, we will discuss Australia’s Immigration Policy!

For Australian immigration, there is no place whatsoever for any kind of discrimination, on the narrow grounds of either religion or race. Yes, neither the Australian Government nor its immigration organization makes any sort if discriminations while picking up their migrants. Anybody from any part of the world may submit an application to migrate, in spite of their ethnic origin, gender or color; of course, in case they fulfill Australia’s Eligibility Criteria.

Each and every petition presented for Australia immigration is duly assessed against the Eligibility Criteria for Australia Immigration as decided in the Migration Act and Regulations. While different requirements for different classes of visas up-for-grabs are at play, the requirements are decided to fulfill the nation’s particular interests and requirements.

It is the Australian Government that decides the requirements and fixes the figure of the individuals who may gain admission into the hotspot under the scheme, on a yearly ground. The rules and legislation controlling the selection of migrants are applied uniformly, without any kind of bias, to every candidate.

Australia’s Eligibility Criteria for the Migration Programme are rather choosy. The candidates–who fulfill the nation’s specific requirements and whose chances of successful settlement are high–are favored and picked-up. While there are comprehensive regulations administering entry in every specific migration class, the basis of selection is a case-by-case appraisal of the petitions presented.

Migrants could be picked up on the basis of certain specific parameters, comprising their relationship to a permanent resident or citizen of Oz, abilities, age, qualifications, funds, and business expertise. It is mandatory that each and every candidate also fulfills the health and character conditions duly specified by migration legislation.

If a person fulfills the nation’s selection criteria, they have an equal chance of being chosen, unless, of course, an upper limit is at play and put on the figure of the visas assigned to a particular class.

Australia’s Immigration Policy and Eligibility Criteria
Australia Immigration Policy

Australia’s Eligibility Criteria

As it is too well known, Down Under enjoys widespread popularity for its well-structured immigration arrangement–and as per the laws of the land–every non-citizen must be armed with a legally valid visa to successfully move to and stay in the nation.

With its permanent migration scheme duly categorized into the Migration Programme and the Humanitarian Programme, one may find different visa subclasses on the ground of the streams and categories. Hence, one may find the visas provided under the skilled stream, special eligibility stream, and family stream.

If one talks about Australia immigration plans, the skilled movement is the most extensively used one. One may come across the “hybrid” selection arrangement, with the points-based and employer-sponsored being the two crucial systems.

The different visas proffered under the skilled stream are duly classified into the points-based skilled scheme, permanent-employer sponsored scheme, business innovation and investment scheme, and people with distinguished talent scheme.

Australia’s Eligibility Criteria for the common visa categories are shared here under.

The applicant must:

  1. Be under 45 years of age in case he is applying for the skilled or sponsored work visas.
  2. Illustrate his English language ability by obtaining the necessary scores in IELTS, OET, PTE Academic, and CAE.
  3. Have skilled employment for the necessary years inside or outside Oz and face the Skills Assessment test from an applicable assessing body.
  4. Receive the prized nomination from the state or territory administration, and either submit an application for the Skilled Nominated Visa or discover a sponsorship by an eligible family member, i.e., only for germane visas.
  5. Nominate a profession from either the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) or the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL), and submit an application for the visa on the basis of the same.
  6. Put forward an Expression of Interest (EOI) online.
  7. Receive not less than 60 points on the Skilled Points Test on the important parameters, like age, nominated profession, employment experience, education, English language abilities, among others.
  8. Offer proof for reasonably good health & character. Reports of health examinations from the germane authority and the police certificate for the character are required.

Now since you know what are Australia’s Immigration Policy and Eligibility Criteria, what are you really waiting for? Use the details shared to plan your Australia immigration!

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