Want To Figure Which Province In Canada Is Best for Immigration?

In terms of geographical size, Canada is a HUGE country with 10 provinces and 3 territories. It is the second largest nation in the world with the first being Russia. Every Canadian province and territory runs its own immigration programme and it is known as the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP). Now the question that sometimes surfaces is which Province in Canada is best for Immigration?

The answer to the question which province in Canada is best for Immigration may vary depending on the aspiring migrants’ specific needs and requirements and also their qualifications and language skills.

For example, the French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec could be perfect for those with French language skills. But for most others, the choice of a province, as mentioned before, could vary, rightfully so.

Best Canadian Province for Immigration

As per some observers on the subject and those in the know, any of these three–Ontario, British Columbia (BC), or Alberta–can be best for Canada Immigration.

Canada Province PNP
Canada Province PNP

These three Canadian provinces are pretty massive, full of resources and, by and large, migrant-friendly.

Let’s check the top two here one by one and figure out their USPs and also drawbacks (if any)!


The province has the most number of migrants in the country. It means that you will feel completely at home here. You will bump into your colleagues and recruiters from a similar background and who converse in the same language. And it will be comforting for you and the new arrivals, particularly those who could be just starting out and trying to learn the language.

Besides, Ontario has, perhaps, the most employment opportunities in the whole nation. The province has Toronto–the largest Canadian city and one of the biggest job markets in the entire nation. Numerous industries–right from media to publishing–have their head offices here in the region, even while there are numerous BIG company headquarters also, either in or around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

The province also motivates fresh arrivals, reportedly, declaring this year that they would boost the share of economic immigrants in the region to 6,600.

On the negative side, in case you happen to be a student or on Work Permit, and wish to get settled and get Permanent Residency (PR) in a short time, then either British Columbia (BC) or Saskatchewan could be a better option for you.

The reason: Ontario is highly populated and the processes for getting the PR here is a little longer and it can take anywhere from 3 to 4 years to receive it.

The region could also prove to be pretty expensive. The housing costs especially could be a big pain for many newcomers. But in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and most other Canadian provinces, lodging is fairly reasonably priced even jobs in these areas are not difficult to locate and get.

British Columbia

Much like Ontario, British Columbia boasts of a large immigrant populace and numerous languages are spoken here. New immigrants hence feel at home here. Much like Ontario, BC also has a large number of well-paying jobs and a huge demand for skilled workers, particularly in some specific industries.

For instance, during the early part of the present year, the province was so keen to draft teachers to fulfill the high demand that it was mulling signing-up engaging teachers with either no certificate and teachers from other Canadian provinces & territories.

To recapitulate, if you are interested in moving to a Canadian province, head to either Ontario or BC! It has plenty of well-paying job opportunities and privileges. But, if budget is a problem, it would be very tough to rent a house due to the high costs. Instead, you can opt for Saskatchewan or Alberta!

Besides, as mentioned before, in these provinces, you will not even have to wait long to get PR as these are not overpopulated regions, like Ontario and British Columbia!

By now you must have, perhaps, received an answer to the question–which province in Canada is best for immigration–right?

Use the information given to planning your next move – Apply to get Permanent Resident in Canada!

Abhinav Immigration
Abhinav Immigration
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