Getting a Permanent Residence (PR) Visa for any of the top overseas hotspots–such as the UK or the US or Australia or Canada or France or Germany–is not an easy task. Post 9/11 and the Paris Bombings, these and other top destinations have made their visa and immigration rules tougher to follow and decode. But with a PR Visa Consultancy onboard, you can unlock the closed doors and make the PR Visa process easier and speedier.

Talking of PR Visa Consultancies, if you want to get a PR Visa for any of these overseas hotspots, namely, the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, Bulgaria, Quebec, and Hong Kong, feel free to get in touch with Abhinav–one of the most trusted and experienced names in the business of PR Visa Consultancy.

Registration Matters

It is essential that you draft a consultancy that’s registered and has skilled and trusted professionals having several years of domain experience handling the PR Visa cases. For example, if you are looking for Canada PR Visa consultants, go for the ones having a very good knowledge of the unique Canadian immigration and refugee laws. They must also be registered with the concerned organization, namely, Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

Same holds true in the case of Australia. If you are interested in getting a PR Visa for Australia, it is important that you sign-up with a PR Visa Consultancy that’s registered with Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA)–the concerned organization that registers and controls migration advisors for Australia immigration.

Abhinav–the Name You Can Bank Upon 

Coming back to Abhinav, it is not only registered with ICCRC and MARA but several other such organizations also handling the visa and immigration cases for other leading overseas destinations. It is also one of the most renowned and trustworthy consultancies for the PR Visas with a very pan India presence.

Abhinav has a dedicated team of highly trained specialists in immigration and visa services. The consultancy is in the business since 1994 and has been proffering first-rate immigration and PR Visa services to many well-known hotspots, including USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, Bulgaria, Quebec, and Hong Kong.

No wonder, over the years, it has emerged as a top PR Visa Consultancy in the country.

Australia Immigration with PR Visa

If you are keen to get a PR Visa for Australia, you MUST fulfill the below-given requirements to apply:

  1. Present an Expression of Interest (EoI).
  2. Have a profession that’s in-demand as per the Skilled Occupation List (SOL).
  3. Have a suitable skills assessment for that specific line-of-work.
  4. Must be older than 18 and less than 50 years of age when you get an invitation.
  5. Must fulfill the mandatory English language requirements.
  6. Score not less than 60 points on the points test.

Australia PR Immigration – What You Get?

  1. If you manage to get a PR Visa for Australia using the professional help rendered by a trusted and skilled PR Visa Consultancy, like Abhinav, you become entitled to enjoy the important right to live in the nation forever. You can enjoy the facilities of unlimited travel to and from the hotspot once you get a PR Visa.
  2. You also get to enjoy the unrestricted freedom to pursue the particular course of study that you desire. As a permanent resident, you get different good options to choose in the matters of pursuing University education.
  3. With a PR Visa working in Down Under becomes easier. You can do a job for any recruiter or firm in any line-of-work.
  4. You also get to enjoy first-rate healthcare insurance facilities through the popular scheme called Medicare. Through Medicare, you may obtain free treatment at any of the government-run public hospital; you get entitlement to state-funded medicine.

If you manage to get a PR Visa for Canada–yet another famed overseas hotspot–employing the skills of this renowned and trustworthy PR Visa Consultancy, you become entitled to enjoy nearly the same benefits.


So, Sign-Up with Abhinav TODAY to make your overseas immigration dreams a reality and enjoy these benefits! Perhaps, you will not get a better and more experienced PR Visa Consultancy in the country.