What You Need To Know about Immigration to Canada with Visitor Visa

Are you interested in Canada immigration for a stay of short period therein? Is the reason behind your visit is exploring Toronto, Ontario? If yes, you will need a Visitor Visa for the purpose. The Maple Leaf Country is a pretty diverse nation dotted with cities of nearly all sizes, every with their own matchless charms.

Toronto, Ontario

As far as Toronto goes, well, it is the nation’s most populated city and a great tourist attraction. It is a top cultural hub and famous the world over for hosting several mega-events, such as the Toronto International Film Festival, for instance. But Toronto has numerous other attractions also; it’s a treasure of first-class music, movies, showbiz, nightlife, food, theatre, and fashion.

Canada Visitor Visa

Coming back to the Visitor Visa, it is given to those who are either legally in the nation, or want to move into it for an impermanent purpose (such as work, study or holiday) and who do not have the nation’s citizenship or Permanent Residency (PR) rights.

It is mandatory for every traveler to the nation unless relieved, to submit an application for, and get a visa prior to appearing at a Port of Entry (POE). Every tourist, who has to get a visa, must be armed with the visa when they turn-up at any of the POEs.

As per the existing rules–laid down by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)–every air traveler from the visa exempt nations needs an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) before they board a plane to the nation. It comprises those who are traveling through the Maple Leaf Country. The same only includes those turning-up by air.

Canada Visitor Visa Procedure

You will be required to undergo a two-step visa application course:

Number 1: You must first present a visit visa petition to the concerned Canadian visa bureau in the nation or place where you live. You may have to face an interview where the visa officer will corroborate the different explanations for making a trip to the hotspot, your capability or readiness to exit the nation inside the visa authority date, and your general permissibility to the place.

Number 2: After your receive a Visit Visa, you can move to the country even as at the specific POI a visa & immigration official will question you, to guarantee admissibility.

You need to know that a Visitor Visa for immigration to Canada may be for either single entry or multiple entry usage. The Single Entry Visas could be offered up to 6 months prior to your predictable date of travel. The extreme validity date for the Multiple Entry Visitor Visas is a maximum of 10 years or one month before the date of ending on the passport/re-entry visa, whichever comes first. The POE authorities will regularly award admission, for a time-frame of six months, to those asking for admission as a guest.

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