How long does it take to process Canada Tourist Visa application?

If you have visited the US a plenty of times then the natural and scenic beauty of Canada is not far away. All you need is a Canada Tourist Visa to see what a lovely country Canada has emerged to be in the last couple of years. Being one of the developed countries with progressive economic growth and natural resources to decorate the pristine lands, Canada is the ideal place for visiting since there is a lot of territory in Canada which still lays undiscovered. The diversity in population, as well as its geographical wonders, is what makes Canada stand apart from other countries.

The people here practice tolerance towards other religions and depict a very warm and hospitable nature towards the tourists or immigrants who wish to settle there permanently. Canada is home to some of the largest and most popular cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Ottawa is known for their culture, diversity, as well as the numerous national parks and historic sites. But before all this, you must know about how long will it take in the process of Canada Visitor Visa application.

Before stepping into Canada, let us enlighten you as to how 2012, overall tourism demand rose to 4.2% to $81.9 billion, with domestic demand registering a 4.5% surged to $66.4 billion. This has been matched with an international demand growing from 2.8% to $15.5 billion. One of the amazing facts that 36% of overseas travelers showed pleasure as the main purpose of their visit to Canada. About one third (35%) of visitors from overseas mentioned visiting family and relatives as their primary objective. According to a recent report by Statistics Canada, the travelers to Canada majorly hail from the younger generation.

Canada Tourist Visa

How long it will take to process your Canada Tourist  Visa Application?

We are here to answer it for you, so that you know beforehand, the total time taken in processing your Tourist Visa application.  To process your Canada Visitor Visa application the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will check whether or not you possess the required documents. If it’s complete the IRCC will send you a letter that you need to furnish the biometrics. If its incomplete the application will be returned without processing. The authorities might even ask you to go for an interview along with the country officials, send additional information, get a medical exam done, as well as your police certificates so as to check you are clean of any medical condition or police record.

Maximum applications of Canada Visitor Visa take a few weeks or less for processing. This hugely depends on the visa office your Tourist Visa application goes to. Your passport and other important documents will be returned to you once the processing of your application is completed, except when there are any original bank statements or if they find any fake documents upon evaluation. Once your application is approved, you will find the visa stamped within your passport, and if refused a letter of explanation will be sent to you by them. The process of Canada Tourist Visa application is an easy and accessible one.

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