A) What do we Offer:

We offer Visa Consultancy Service where you can hire us for managing your entire visa application process. As a visa consultant, we shall function as your advisor and lawyer for your visa petition and present your application to the Immigration Authorities in the country of your choice.

Providing the right strategy and direction to you, we shall help you with your complete documentation process, guide you on preparing and scoring the required score in IELTS exam, prepare you for the visa interview as well as help you with your post landing arrangements.


B) How it Works:

a) The journey starts with an in-person interaction to understand your profile, based on that we advise you to apply for the country which is most suitable for you based on your profile assessment.

Abhinav Outsourcings enjoy high respect and repute in the immigration industry as the best immigration consultancy company, even while you can rest assured that we deliver what we make a pledge for. We strongly believe in raw honesty and commitment to the cause of our esteemed clients and our actions are driven by this philosophy.

Building mutual trust with our clients guides our staff even as we leave no stones unturned whatsoever to develop a robust & mutually satisfying relationship of common trust with our clients. Absolute transparency — all through your immigration process is thus a guarantee with us. Further, we, at Abhinav, are poised to proffer the best available permit solutions at every step of your immigration dream – right from the time you decide to shift, to you finally land at desired immigration hotspot.

At the risk of sounding immodest – as far as having a positive and progressive approach to assisting our clients get what they want, goes–few can really match us. To know more about what we really offer (and can), and how we can really help you realize your overseas dreams, please take a look:

1. Pre-evaluation – Each and every permit process requires you to fulfil the given eligibility prerequisites even as these typically cover your age, educational skills, financial status, experience & related background facts/data. Our permit experts thoroughly examine your profile against the given selection conditions of your preferred immigration hotspot. This pre-evaluation/profile assessment is done without any charge.

2. Permit Consultation – Our highly experienced and well qualified visa professionals engage their clients directly, to positively address their particular requirements. Hence, there is no fixed, and fit-all, approach to every visa & immigration case. Post a systematic examination of your specific situation & circumstance, made-to-order solutions are recommended. Know More…

3. Documentation – Offering incomplete information or papers may lead to long delays, or, at certain times, even outright permit refusals. We, at Abhinav, have an illustrious team of competent experts, who look into the credentials requirements which could be applicable in the particular visa arrangement of your destination. Right from the filling of the visa & immigration forms to including the mandatory supporting papers/documents, we do every needed thing for you. Know More…

4. Business Plan – Having a good business plan helps, and it can play a decisive role in tilting the permit case in your favor when you present your case, through Business & Investor schemes. Whether you are inspired with Canada or UK or Australia or European business Programs, you can rest assured that we, at Abhinav, have highly experienced and qualified global business experts & immigration specialists, to guide you accordingly. These professionals know well the conditions which a business plan has to fulfill. We specialize in getting ready successful and impressive business plans which are bound to get a green signal from the concerned organizations. Know More…

5. Post-Landing Help & Support – Adaptation and adjustment into a new land may be some sort of a challenge-more so when you do not know anybody out there. But–if you are our client-you do not need to worry! Even as we could not actually be present at your chosen immigration place, we are always there for you via our quality post-landing services even as these assist you settle nicely and comfortably. Know More…

6. We have a wide network of offices and branches across major cities in India well entrenched with dedicated and experience staff. Besides domestic sources, we have knowledgeable and well versed professionals and international associates who are authorized to act as your representatives, lawyers and are well equipped with the in-depth intricacies of the relevant immigration laws pertaining to various countries almost in all hemispheres of the globe.

You may contact us at any stage of your visa application procedure or may even entrust us for a complete cycle of your visa service.

We also help in preparing your CV and floating it into the government approved job portals of the country you wish to move to, so that you get better chances of being picked-up from the job banks by the recruiters and you have a job before you land into the country.

D) Engagement Model:
We work on a fixed fee model, which is based on scope of the work required, however, the value shall always remain significantly lower than the other consultants.

Get in touch with us today for giving your business a boost with our expertise.