Getting Australian PR–Have You Checked Latest Occupations List?

Are you one of those keen on moving abroad and getting Australian PR? Well, you are just one of the many aspirants from all over the world who wishes to live and do a job, on a permanent basis, in one of the most developed global economies, i.e., Oz. And, revel in all that this amazing overseas hotspot has to proffer–from excellent healthcare and educational facilities to well-paying job opportunities, from the first-rate infrastructure to the government support, in the form of unemployment and old care support.

But what exactly is PR? Well, PR refers to Permanent Residency. Permanent Residency is a person’s visa condition where he is permitted to live indefinitely inside a nation of which they do not have citizenship. A person with such a status is called a Permanent Resident. He is the one who has succeeded in getting Australian PR.

Coming back to the Kangaroo Land, during the past couple of years, the figure of the immigrants from India to Oz has been heading north. The key reasons: Oz has a rather advanced economy, outstanding education, and healthcare services. People from India also have the special advantage of the local language accessibility.

There are a large number of well-paying jobs obtainable for the people moving from India to Oz. It is possible to submit an application under the functional area of their specific profile, on the basis of the eligibility & education. It is possible to sort out the jobs description under the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) released by the DIBP.

However, the Kangaroo Land has much more to offer than just wonderful job breaks. The unique Australian lifestyle comprises the mind-blowing outdoors, striking beaches, exotic green rainforests and splendid weather.

The icing on the cake: quite a few of the nation’s top cities find a place in the top 10 most livable cities in the world, providing wonderful work opportunities to earn a superb lifestyle. Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra…these are just some of the top Australian cities developing with high potential levels on any & every important end.

The said factors are more than enough to draw the new candidates planning to move to the hotspot and become a Permanent Resident Australia there in.

Before one forgets, there’s a Skilled Migration Policy for Australia, highly fulfilling and well-known. The same fabricates the professional and trained manpower to shift to Oz from India.

australian migration consultants
Australian migration consultants

Getting Australian PR–What The PR Visa Holder gets?

Well, the benefits of getting Australian PR are immeasurable. They became the citizen after residing there in for a period of two years. They can avail the education facilities which are more lavish and economic than being a foreign student the candidate is subjected to.

He also gets first-rate health care subsidies, via Medicare and other associated choices. They can offer sponsorship to the individuals for residency.

Planning to apply for PR in Oz? Have you checked latest occupations list?

The Australian Skilled Occupations List (SOL) has been replaced by the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) even while the candidates submitting an application for the Skilled Independent Visa (sub category 189) now have to nominate a profession from the said new list.

Sometime back, Canberra made public that the Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa, also generally called the 457 Visa, will be done away with and substituted with the entirely new Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa in the month of March, next year.

The incumbent Australian Premier Malcolm Turnbull reportedly declared that the TSS Visa Scheme will comprise of a Short-Term Category of a maximum of two years and a Medium-Term Category of a maximum of four years.

In the wake of the declaration, the DIBP has also reportedly cut the list of the qualified professions for the general skilled migration.

The Skilled-Independent Visa (sub category 189) is basically a Permanent Residence Visa (PRV) for the points-tested trained employees who wish to do a job and reside in the country.

Earlier, the SOL enabled a person to nominate an eligible line-of-work to submit an application for Skilled Independent visa (sub category 189). As mentioned before, the SOL has presently been replaced by the MLTSSL and the candidates applying for the visa sub category 189 presently have to nominate a line-of-work from the new list.

The Temporary Graduate visa (sub category 485) – Graduate Work Stream and Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (sub category 489) – Family nominated, will also require nominating a profession from the said list.

But the important question is: does your profession find a place on the list–and more importantly–how serious are you in getting Australian PR?

Getting Australian PR is something high on the radar of countless migrants to Oz. Are you one of them?

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