Get Bulgaria Travel Visa for Incredible Experience!

For your plans and ideas relating to travel and leisure, it will be a crime to skip Europe as your travel destination. In Europe, you might wonder about Germany, France, the UK, Switzerland, Italy, but the real thrill and excitement would be when you pick Bulgaria. Though small, but definitely an effective travel destination for those who are on a Travel Visa to Bulgaria.

Why Bulgaria for Your Short Sojourn?

Rila Monastery

This monastery is often hailed as the Jerusalem of Bulgaria. Known for its orthodox ergonomics, structure and picturesque view, you will be lost in this monastery. This construction is a vivid example of the exemplary feats touched by the engineers back in the 18th century. In this museum, you will find sculpted gargoyles, tiled roof and five domes. Mesmerizing and charm weaving are a few characters with which you can associate this monastery.

Sozo Pool

On the Black Sea coastline lies the oldest town of Bulgaria—Sozopol. This place is a popular fisherman village. For those seeking redemption from the daily troubles and chaos, you can easily settle down at Sozopol for ensuring a wonderful experience with peace and serenity.

Plovdiv Old-town

Plovdiv, it is the second largest city in Bulgaria after Sofia, and you can easily embrace the rich Roman culture dominating the vast areas of this city. This city will easily help you remember the Bulgarian Renaissance, on account of its architectural style, colorful houses and other stuff.

How to move to Bulgaria?

For the US citizens, on a Visitor or Travel Visa, they can stay in the republic for a period of 90 days, which in some case, might be extended upon request and compliances.

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