Figure Out Common Australian Citizenship Eligibility Requirements

The Australian citizenship is something that much inspires the global community of migrants. In fact, it is a dream of almost every second migrant. Who will not love to live in one of the most developed global economies, and benefit from the superlative facilities available therein? One has to fulfill some Australian Citizenship Eligibility Requirements to become a citizen of the Kangaroo Land.

What are those Australian Citizenship Eligibility Requirements, let’s find out!

Australian Citizenship

Common Eligibility Requirements for Australian Citizenship

  1. Having an Australian Permanent Resident Visa PR standing for a period of 4 years, and staying in the country for a minimum of 4 years before submitting an application.
  2. Fulfilling the character condition.
  3. Apart from the improvements made public on April 20, 2017, which will:
    • Start an English language test.
    • Reinforce the Australian Values Statement, test and oath of loyalty.
    • Necessitate candidates to illustrate mixing into the Australian society.

Some FAQs with Answers

What are the requirements for Australian Citizenship if I am the significant other or the partner of a person with Australian Citizenship?

In your capacity as the significant other or the partner of a citizen of Oz, it is mandatory that you follow the similar procedure and fulfill the similar conditions as any other normal candidate.

Still, as a spouse of an Australian Citizen, there could be times where the time spent out-of-the-country can be computed as time spent in Down Under in case a close link to Oz is established. This time can be calculated towards the residence condition. In case that is your case, you can get in touch with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) to talk over your choices.

Can I receive Australian Citizenship in case I do not fulfill the primary conditions?

While 90% of the Australian aspirants fulfill the main terms & requirements for citizenship, under some special situations you could still be entitled.

Let’s check those situations!

In case you were born in Papua prior to September 16, 1975, and either of your parents was born in Oz, or had Australian Citizenship and the time of your birth; OR

In case you were born to an ex Australian Citizen who lost his citizenship via getting the citizenship of a different nation; OR

In case you happen to be an Unaccompanied Humanitarian Minor (UHM) who landed in Oz under the age of 18, minus your parents and on a protection, refugee or any other humanitarian visa.

What time is required to acquire citizenship?

Though post-filing your citizenship petition, the DIBP will make all efforts to process your petition inside just 3 months; there is always the likelihood of a build-up of petitions and other delays. And, so be well prepared for this and do not feel let down if the process takes more time!

How much does it cost for applying for citizenship?

There are different charges associated with applying for citizenship even as the administration fees vary from 180 to 285 Australian Dollars depending on the specific form you employ to file.

Major Citizenship Amendments 2017–New Australian Citizenship Eligibility Requirements

  1. Boosting the general residence requirement to validate a minimum of four years of permanent residence straightaway before submitting a petition for citizenship.
  2. Starting an English language test, aspirants will require establishing capable English language listening, speaking, reading and writing expertise prior to being allowed to face the test for citizenship.
  3. Firming the Australian Values Statement in application forms for visas & citizenship to take in reference to loyalty to the nation and necessitate candidates to sign an undertaking, to integrate well into and make a handsome contribution to the Australian society.
  4. Toughening the test for citizenship, via adding fresh test questions involving the Australian values, and the freedoms and duties of citizenship.

Contact Immigration Advisors

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