Everything you need to Know About the 5 Year Temporary Parent Visa

Moved to Australia with your wife and children with the help of Australia PR Visa? Now that you have settled in this country with your new job, there might be times when you really miss your parents back home. Parents, are an integral part of all the milestones of your life. When you and your spouse are busy with your respective jobs, your children do not get a large part of your time and attention during their growth years. When you were little, like your grandparents narrated you the best anecdotes and short stories and now its time for your children to learn the same from your parents. No matter how far you are, your parents complete your family in many ways. But, you and your family have an Aus PR Vis, on what basis will your parents be able to have an extended stay in Australia? For this, the Government of Australia has initiated the Five-year Temporary Visa especially for parents.

Subject to the passing of a relevant legislation, On Friday May 5th 2017 the Australian Government has announced the introduction of temporary sponsored parent visa during the 2017-18 Migration Program. Basically, this visa permits citizens of Australia or PR citizens to get their parents along with them for up to five years at a time. This Visa will be a great relief for immigrants who have to leave their parents for better life opportunities to Australia.

For applying for Parent Visa, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Your child should be a citizen of Australia, or an Australian PR
  • Your child should be residing in Australia for a minimum 2 years before you submit the visa application
  • You should have a sponsor. In such a case the child must have been approved to be one prior to the visa application being made.
  • You must be able to fulfil the Balance of family test criteria
  • You must pass the health and character requirements

The three or five-year Visa can be renewed till a period of ten years for extended stay

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Who are eligible to apply for this Visa?

  • Parents as well as step parents of Australian Citizens and Permanent residents of Australia.
  • Step parents will only be regarded as eligible to apply for this visa if they are still in to married/de facto relationship with a biological parent of their child who is a sponsoring Australian citizen.
  • One set of parents per household only, can be sponsored at any point of time.

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