The EB1 Visa Scheme for the US allows extremely trained immigrants to gain lawful Permanent Residency (PR) in the country, in a rather fast manner. These special PR visas are obtainable to immigrants who happen to be either outstanding researchers or professors, possess extraordinary skills, or are either multinational managers or executives. With a view to get an EB1 Visa, it is compulsory that the immigrants proffer broad proof, to show they have the eligibility for the Eb1 Visa Category.

It is possible to get the EB1 Visas by those who enjoy excellent recognition, for possessing extraordinary skill in the fields of arts, sports/athletics, sciences, education or business; and those who are moving to the US to do a job in their chosen domain of know-how. Such people are known as “priority workers” and given high preference for PR in the nation.

One does not need an offer of employment from a particular job-provider/firm. In its place, the holder of an EB1 Visa is deemed his own sponsor and allowed entry to the country, on the basis of his merit and extraordinary ability. Consequently, the procedure to get an EB1 Visa is much quicker, in relation to other kinds of petitions submitted for the employment based Green Card. The reason: there is no requirement of labor certification from the US Department of Labor.

An added plus point of the Eb1 Category is that it really serves as a Green Card. It denotes the visa holder is truly one of the nation’s permanent residents. It is mandatory that the visa holder keeps on offering his professional services in his chosen domain, though as per the requirements, he is not bound to be on the pay-roll of a certain job-provider/firm, to continue his special EB-1 standing. In addition, he is also not bound to reapply in case he changes his job-provider/firm.

Eb1 Visa Eligibility

EB1 (1)

As per the Eb1 Visa Eligibility, this specific sub-category can be employed by those having extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or sports/athletics and who may prove these:

  1. National or worldwide acclamation
  2. Accomplishments that have been well recognized in the field via all-embracing documentation
  3. Work will prove useful to the country
  4. Receiving of awards, academic or professional newspapers/journals, or original contributions of noteworthy importance to their domain

Though the Eb1 Category does not require a specific recruiter/firm, it is required that the person validates the aim to continue doing a job in the area of extraordinary ability. This specific Eb1 sub-Category is exempt from the requirement of PERM labor certification.

EB1 (2)

  1. Outstanding Professors or Researchers who enjoy recognition globally as outstanding in a specific academic area may be immediately eligible to apply for a US immigrant visa.
  2. Not less than 3 years of experience in either teaching or research in the academic field
  3. An offer of qualified employment
  4. Proof of global recognition comprising certification of awards, authorship of scholarly edits, and proof of original scientific research

For the EB1 Visa sub-category there is no need to get PERM labor certification.

EB1 (3)

  1. Multi-national corporations interested to move managers or executives on a permanent basis from worldwide affiliate, subsidiary, parent, or branch operations to the US operations.
  2. 1 year of qualifying employment as an executive or manager in the preceding 3 years.
  3. Proof of the corporate relationships and the person’s present & prior positions must be well acknowledged.

The Eb1 Category is exempt from PERM labor certification even while visa numbers are usually obtainable. It denotes that it is a relatively speedy procedure for PR.