Decode the Key US Travel Visa Requirements to Move Overseas Easily!

You require meeting the compulsory US Travel Visa Requirements to move to the destination with a Travel Visa, also known as Tourist Visa.

The world is hooked onto the US, or so it seems, the emergence of Trump on the US scene notwithstanding. Yes, there seems to be a strong urge among most people outside of the US to explore the famed hotspot–the Country that Never Sleeps.

What’s behind this fascination?

Well, the US just rocks. It has numerous attractions, fascinating places, and rich culture. If you are eager to explore the cultural aspect of the country and want to soak in a mad frenzy and unrestricted love for life, that define the character of the US, visit the place!

For this, you will have to Apply for Travel Visa that is the B-2 Visa and as mentioned before that you will have to fulfill some mandatory US Travel Visa Requirements, right?

It’s not too difficult to acquire the country’s Travel Visa, provided you know all about the requirements for US Travel Visa. What’s a Travel Visa? It is a visa that helps you move to the country for tourism. It’s a visa that also helps you visit your family, friends, attend a function, conference, event or seminar and get medical treatment.

Travel visa is a non-immigrant visa issued for a temporary period. The duration may vary depending on the consulate from one year to ten years. You may get a single entry visa or multiple entry visas. If you want, you can also extend your visa by submitting a visa extension application along with the necessary processing fee.

US Travel Visa Requirements

US Travel Visa Requirements

American Travel Visa is different from other visa categories. Its requirements are not very strict. However, you will have to meet the following requirements:

  • Your purpose of visit must be temporary and you should return back once your trip ends.
  • You must have enough funds to cover your travel expenses.
  • You must intend to travel to the country for a very clear reason and that must fall under the realm of Travel Visa.

If you meet the above basic requirements and prove your eligibility through documents during the application phase, then you can easily get the Travel Visa or the B-2 Visa. Besides the above-mentioned proofs, you need to submit these along with your visa application:

  • Passport with a validity period of at least six months left from the date you intend to travel to the country.
  • Confirmation page or the page with the bar-code of the form DS-160.
  • Appointment confirmation page
  • Receipt of your visa fees
  • One latest passport size photograph (2” by 2”)
  • A letter which openly defines the object of your trip and/or invitation letter from a family or a friend.
  • Health and character certificate
  • Proof of residence abroad to which you intend to return abroad
  • Relevant documents if you have visited the US before.
  • If you are visiting for medical treatment, a letter from your doctor on your treatment and diagnosis.

Get Professional Assistance

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