Being a developed nation, Canada is also the second largest country in the world and a member of the G-8 countries. More than 5 million people visit Canada every year to explore various opportunities regarding business and travel. Combine business with pleasure to reap the best of your holidays in Canada. While you weave your dreams and plan your itinerary for your Canadian landing, our specialists at Abhinav make arrangements to forward your tourist visa request for Canada in the most efficient manner.

Since this visa is only for Canada non-immigrants, we help you to prove that you have every intention to return to your native country at the end of your visit, which is the most important requirement of the selection criteria to get an approval for Canada visit visa. Armed with pool of knowledge, extensive international network and years of experience, visit visa veterans at Abhinav are in a better position to understand the complexities of your Canada tourist visa case and solve the puzzle for you.

A decision is taken on your visa application on the basis of suitability of your profile against the qualifying conditions generated by the Citizenship and Immigration, Canada. You may explore the details of this selection criterion for Canada visit visa, on the right. To know your profile suitability as regards to the latest selection criterion, Abhinav offers a prior assessment by its esteemed Canada visa experts, for its clients, to check whether they qualify for this visa or not. This allows us to assure optimum utilization of your efforts, time and money.

Based on your assessment results, we advise if you should proceed with file processing of your Canada visit visa. We do not leave any room for discrepancies or errors that may increase chances of refusal or delay of your application. Be it filling forms or submission of relevant supporting documents, we manage it all in a structured way. Please feel free to go through our inner pages for the Canada visit visa application process, followed by us.

Why Visit Canada?

Comprising in three unique territories and ten distinct provinces, diversity of geographical and cultural features in Canada is unending. Rejuvenate yourself as powerful tides from the Pacific as well as the great Rocky Mountains meet vibrant British Columbia communities, cowboy culture amalgamate with urban flair in Alberta and rural living is seen alive under the Manitoba`s endless skies.

An exclusive mix of relaxed country life and big-city sophistication can be witnessed in Ontario. Sounds and sights of Quebec, with its historical touch, is one thing that you can never afford to miss. Untamed landscapes are what Northern Canada has on offer. So, if you are a pleasure seeker ready to pack your bags for Canada, you surely cannot delay your visit visa processing any longer.

However, pleasure is not the only reason that prompts people to visit Canada. With a strong Canadian economy, you might be visiting Canada to attend some business conference or meet. While we cannot squeeze out the entire stress involved in your business trip, we can definitely make things a lot easier for you by getting you the Canada visit visa in the smoothest way possible.

Advanced medical facilities are another reason that people wish to get a Canada visit visa. With 87% of the Canadians satisfied with medical facilities in their country, this sure is a proof why medical tourism in Canada is a famous option.

Sometimes, international students who wish to pursue a short-term course of less than six months in Canada are also required to apply for a visit visa or temporary resident visa for Canada.

If you wish to get Canada carved on your visit cards soon, Abhinav is a trusted name known for its highly appreciated work ethics and lawful operations in the immigrant and non-immigrant visa industry. Approach our visa consultants at the earliest, for a free assessment of your profile and know your future course of action.

Canada Visit Visa – Selection Criteria

As every country assures complete security of its citizens, visitors to a country are often required to qualify through a set of eligibility conditions and Canada is no exception to this. If you wish to travel to Canada for any transitory purpose, be it medical treatment, business trip or just for pleasure, you must obtain a visit visa for Canada after satisfying all eligibility requirements of the system. Abhinav is your professional and trustworthy ally that gets you a Canada visit visa, provided you are able to satisfy the following conditions:

  1. A valid passport or any other travel document with a validity of at least 6 months
  2. Convince the Canada visa officer that you have reasons to get back to your home country and that you would return on the completion of your purpose
  3. You are financially sound to support your travels to and within Canada
  4. A travel itinerary and hotel reservation confirmations
  5. If it is your business trip, documents supporting invites, appointments and business purpose
  6. If you are staying with a relative or a friend in Canada, an invitation with the supporting affidavit that confirms their ability to support you during your proposed travel
  7. Medical insurance documents are required if you are traveling to avail any medical treatment in Canada

Further, in a few circumstances, you may also need a temporary resident visa for Canada. For instance, when you wish to visit Canada as an international student to complete a course for 6 months or less, a temporary resident visa is required.

One notable thing is that citizens of some countries are exempted from the compulsion to have a visa for Canada. However, you need to have a valid passport of your own country, in order to prove that you are the citizen of the exempted country.

Abhinav, of course, process cases of applicants from countries that need to fulfill the mandatory requirement of a Canada visa. The above-mentioned selection criteria summarize points that decide your eligibility to obtain a Canada visit visa, if you are from a non-exempted country. Trust us for a smooth and organized processing, as you fill our free assessment form and you will never regret your decision.

Canada Visit Visa – Application Process

From the filing of a faultless application and attachment of essential supporting documents to submission of the application to the right visa office, everything must be in perfect order when you file a Canada visit visa. Visit visa grant for Canada is quite a subjective affair and a lot depends on the discretion of the visa officer. So, any discrepancy can cause refusal or delay of your visa grant.

Expert Canada tourist visa counselors at Abhinav help you do away with loopholes by following an organized step-by-step process to get you a transitory visa for Canada, as explained below:

  1. We conduct a prior assessment of your skills to see if you qualify according to the current eligibility requirements for Canada visit visa.
  2. If you are eligible, we provide necessary assistance in a correct filling of the desired application form.
  3. We compile all your essential supporting documents, such as an invitation letter received from Canada, proof of your employment in your home country so as to nullify any doubts in the mind of Canada visa officials about your intentions to stay in Canada forever, and other such documents.
  4. We pay a non-refundable processing fee on your behalf along with the submission of your documents to the Canada Visa Office of your country. Our experts make sure that your profile is presented in the most impressive manner.
  5. After the approval of your application, the next step is appearing for the interview. With a thorough grooming session to prepare you for the interview, there is almost no possibility of your not passing the interview stage.
  6. You undergo medical and security checks.
  7. It`s done! Your visa is in your hands.

Abhinav`s team of Canada tourist visa professionals never recoils from helping our clients and are always ready to fulfill your dream to visit Canada. If you want us to pave a smooth way to Canada for you, please allow us to conduct a free assessment of your profile today!

Canada Visit Visa – Why Are Applications Refused?

Abhinav does not limit its approach to the conventional route and often adds its own expertise edge to Canada visit visa cases. This makes us take pride in our satisfied and always-expanding customer base.

We stand confident of our position as an industry leader with our able team members, who are ever careful to avoid the given mistakes that often cause rejection of Canada visits visa applications:

  1. Inability to convince the visa officer of your intention to return to your home country.
  2. The applicant doesn’t seem confident and looks confused while answering questions during the interview.
  3. Incomplete or inaccurately filled application forms
  4. Absence of the relevant supporting documents
  5. Lack of enough finances to support oneself and the dependents
  6. The applicant is found to have a criminal record
  7. Revelation of any undesired hidden fact by the applicant

While there is no turning back once you entrust us with your visa approval task, there are many applicants who are disguised by the apparent simplicity of the visit visa procedure for Canada and try to do it all by themselves.

Being in the industry since years, we often come across applicants who regret their do-it-yourself initiatives and the money and time they lose with it. Sometimes, referral of visa cases through inexperienced immigration consultants can also land you in a similar predicament.

Our Canada visit visa advisors take great delight in handling even the rejected cases. The reason being, rejected cases are taken as a good challenge by our team that they overcome with utmost pleasure and ease. So, you may be applying for a Canada Visit Visa for the first time, or yours may be a refused case, simply let go the hesitation and fill our
free assessment form to know what our experts have to say about your profile for approval under the Canada visit visa program.

Even if you seek more information about Canada tourist Visa you can write an email on and one of the most experienced immigration consultants will get in touch with you to help you out with your questions and concerns or you can also choose to call us on +91-8595338595 or directly interact with the expert through our Live Chat window.