Benefits of Holding Australian Permanent Residency Aplenty !

Do you know that the benefits of holding an Australian Permanent Residency are numerous? Yes, it’s true! Check this blog to know what will be on the platter for you if you manage to become a permanent resident in the Kangaroo Land!

Australia, the Land of Kangaroos, has long been regarded as a promised land by those from abroad, interested in a better way of life–an amazingly beautiful nation with a pretty strong social security structure, very high standards of living, a wealthy economy and outstanding educational opportunities.

The latest US News and World Report by the top immigration-rating agency that reportedly consulted with the leaders and public in 80 nations of the world, gives credence to the belief.

As per it, at present, Oz is placed among the 5 best nations in the world for the immigrants. It adds that Down Under is a wonderful country to stay, do a job and settle permanently. As per it, the nation occupies the 4th position in the list of the best nations in the world, to reside for the immigrant. It adds that the overseas hotspot is a powerful magnet for the global trained manpower.

australia immigration visa
Australian immigration visa

The US News and World Report considered numerous important factors prior to coming out with its final list of the best immigrant-friendly nations of the world, and the same comprises economic strength, labor market, and income equality, among others.

Canberra offers numerous easy-to-follow pathways to submit an application for Permanent Residency (PR) in the nation. After the status comes to you, you become entitled to get the same many important benefits that go the citizens of the nation.

Given this, it is hardly a matter of surprise that a large number of people dream of receiving an Australian Permanent Residence Visa (PRV) and enjoying the benefits of holding the Australian Permanent Residency.

So what are those benefits? Here are some major ones! Check them and get inspired!

  1. Permanent Residency Position: You get the prized Permanent Residency standing in the nation that permits you and your qualified family members to stay, do a job, and enroll for a study course in the hotspot permanently.
  2. Apply for Citizenship: In case you have been staying in the nation, as a permanent resident, for not less than 4 years, you become eligible to present a petition for the cherished Australian citizenship. Yes, in case you meet the requirements for citizenship (viz., already having Permanent Residency, having a good character, possessing a basic knowledge of English, and aiming to reside in or continue a close and continuing association with Oz) you may submit an application to change your residency standing!
  3. Social Security Benefits: You, as a permanent resident, are also entitled to enjoy many social security benefits, such as free or supported health care facility, education, and unemployment benefits, to name a few.

Now let’s check the Social Security Benefits in detail!

As a Permanent Resident Australia , you get access the very liberal Medicare Scheme, which covers the maximum number of rudimentary health requirements, comprising free cure at the different public hospitals, and the maximum number of medicines/pills at a funded level, and Centrelink social security payments (subject to a two-year waiting time-frame) which aid students, jobless or the lower income residents, those suffering from infirmities and those not fully financial sound.

What’s more: your kids will be in a position to attend free public primary & high schools, and will also be permitted to tertiary education for the similar cost as the citizens of the country. In addition, one of the benefits of a PR Visa is the entitlement to the various education & study loans. After you get citizenship, you also become entitled to access the Higher Education Loans Programme (HELP), which makes the up-front payment of the university charges, and does not necessitate repayments until the beneficiary takes home more than a threshold level.

  1. Offer Sponsorship to Qualified Relatives to Oz: In your capacity as a Permanent Resident, you may provide sponsorship to your entitled family members or relatives, to move to the Kangaroo Land and join you therein.
  2. Right to Move to New Zealand: In your capacity as a permanent resident, you also receive the right to make a trip to neighboring New Zealand and submit an application for a New Zealand Visa.

6. Your kids born in Australia automatically get citizenship: Additionally, in case you have the PR status, your kids born in Oz will receive the nation’s citizenship by birth.

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