At A Glance—Some Key Australian Visas

Australia, with its beautiful landscapes, picturesque sight and promising economy calls for the skilled migrants from the world to come and live their dreams. The “Land of Oz” is a promising economy for business and profession. Different kinds of Australian Visas for both business and profession are made available by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

Important Australian Visa Options

If you are looking forward to expand your horizons, you can look forward to the various Australian Visas up-for-grabs that can serve your purpose. Here are a few that you can consider in the first place!

Australian Subclass 457 Visa

It allows the immigrant worker to enter and live in the nation for a period of 4 years. In this kind of sponsorship, either the employer in Down Under might go for Sponsor Visa via agreement or they can look forward to special labor market circumstances.

Business Talent Visa

It is for the individuals who want to move to the destination and grow in its promising economy. The Business Talent Visa is given for an investment of AU$1.5 million. The investment must be significant. However, in a way that can bring real time economic benefit to Oz.

Skilled Worker Visa

General Skilled Migration Programme (GSM) attracts almost 1, 28,500 persons. It is divided into five sub-classes and assessment is made for 60 points. The Skilled Independent Visa is categorized into subclass 189,190,485,489 and 887.

Tourist Visas

These visas are given for a period of three, six or twelve months. The e-visitor visa is based on electronic application. For the visa to work on a spontaneous note, e-model has been incorporated for quick acceptance of the visa.

Study Visa

It is specifically earmarked by the DIBP to help students from across the globe to come and study in the country.

For more details, consult with your immigration agent!

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