Apply For Citizenship Australia–Will the Government’s Latest Citizenship Test Demand University-level English Standard?

There have been some claims and counterclaims, of late, involving the Australian Government’s latest citizenship bill. The bill allegedly seeks to motivate the candidates–keen to apply for the citizenship of Australia–to value citizenship, even as a component of an overhaul of the nation’s citizenship test to address fears related to worries over national security, the Federal Administration is proposing an alleged harsh new English language capability test.

As per some language testing specialists and investigation by a well-known organization, it is pretty obvious that the candidates, facing the latest English language test, with a view to getting Australian citizenship, would require fulfilling a standard comparable to that expected of the university entrants.

In order to get citizenship, it is mandatory that the aspirants sail through a citizenship test. It is tailored to evaluate if they have a satisfactory knowledge of Down Under, and an understanding of the duties & freedoms of citizenship.

Presently, the applicants are not required to face a distinct English language test as the citizenship test itself is, in effect, an English language test. Candidates require a rudimentary knowledge of English to sail through.

The test for citizenship comprises of 20 multiple-choice questions even while it has a pass mark of 75%.

In April this year, the Administration proposed an amendment of the citizenship test to address what it claimed were fears over national security. The change comprises the introduction of a fresh distinct English language test, which candidates would have to accept, prior to facing the citizenship test. The test would examine skills in listening, speaking, reading & writing.

The candidates would have to face the latest language test with a recognized provider and obtain a minimum level of “competent”.

The Australian Citizenship Legislation Amendment Bill reportedly states that a person must validate a “competent” instead of a “basic” knowledge of English, even as the minister will decide the situations in which a person has skilled English.

Post the bill was introduced–and in the wake of the claim that the test necessitated university-level English–Dutton, the minister, claimed that the migrants seeking to become Australian citizens would require achieving the comparable of a band six score in the general training category of the International English Language Testing System (the IELTS).

apply pr for australia
apply pr for australia

The IELTS Test

It measures the language ability of those keen to enroll for a study course or do a job in the English-speaking nations. The same runs between band score one (non-English speakers) and band score nine (adept).

There are basically two categories of the test: academic & general training. In case a band score six is attainable in both the classes, what’s the dissimilarity in the tests? Both tests review reading, writing, speaking & listening. The speaking & listening segments are similar in both categories even as the dissimilarity is in the reading and writing segments.

In the reading segment, candidates in both classes reply to 40 questions tailored to test for skills, like comprehension, after a rational argument and recognizing opinion. However, the substance they are asked to ponder over is not the same.

In the writing section, candidates in the academic category are tested on many conditions, comprising their aptitude to study graphs or tables or charts, and define or elucidate them in a prescribed style, while candidates in the general classification will be asked to either draft a letter or elucidate a state, employing a personal style in case they wish. In both the classes, the aspirants are asked to develop an essay.

Allegedly, it is here where the same becomes pretty thought-provoking.

The comparable of a band six on the IELTS is the level needed for university entry in Oz, and some specific universities are even content to accept a level of English ability that’s lower than what would be needed in the latest language test.

However, the immigration minister reportedly asserts that for those–who wish to apply for the Citizenship of Australia–the Administration would consider the corresponding of band score 6 in the general class of the IELTS as “competent”. Given this, he reportedly claims that the assertion that the test necessitates university-stage English is anything but true.

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